Book Review

The Most Important Comic Book On Earth

What better way to learn about climate change than with comic book stories? I received The Most Important Comic On Earth as a present for my birthday last year (2021). The stories are beautifully complex and will make you reflect on your role on this planet. This book will show you how deeply interconnected we are. It is similar to the Butterfly Effect Theory, –the flapping of a butterfly’s wings can cause a hurricane. 

The Most Important Comic Book On Earth: Stories to Save the Word, it’s a must read to anyone who wants to learn facts and statistics in the most scientific way! This book does not leave any space for hearsay or suspicion, it shows with real life examples, in the era of anthropocene; how we “the humans” are destroying the world for other species and at the same time we are causing our own extinction, –the epitome of stupidity–. Still we don’t to look up (2021), face the problems and make changes. Instead, we continue in the never ending rat race to have more and “become better”, striving and reaching our desires no matter what. 

Each story was very compelling and some of the illustrations were so “literal” that I cried at times while reading them. Simple questions such as -How much did that really cost? You name it: phones, lipstick or a chocolate, just right after you will see illustrations speaking louder than words. It portraits ambition, abuse and slavery, each image invites you to make a decision, and to think about our production chain and ethical consumption, all deeper questions streaming through images. Nevertheless, not all the stories were sad, some end with a positive note, keeping hope for a better world. 

Peter Gabriel, Scott Snyder, Alan Moore, Ricky Gervais, Jane Goodall, Luisa Neubauer and Yoko Ono and many others contributed to the making of this book, teaching us that we need to be aware of how everything that we do affects the planet. If we want to survive as a species then we need to take care of the other species: animals and plants. 

We are the main contributing factor for global warming with our high and accelerated production of CO2, meaning we are responsible for global warming, that is melting the ice in the north and the south pole. 

In a  nutshell: humans are breaking the equilibrium of our Mother Earth, we are increasing CO2, which causes global warming, ice melting, extreme temperatures, and all of this is originating soil erosion, raising the water level resulting in floods. On top of that, the farming industry contributes to increasing methane gas in the atmosphere due to the livestock farting, –yes, funny as it seems it is true…conduce a temperature rise. Producing and consuming as much meat as we do now is not sustainable; you can know more about it by reading Omnivore Dilemma  (Michael Pollan) or Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition & Health (Marion Nestle). 

My rating for this book is 4 out of 5 stars. It is fun, entertaining, sensible, educational and a great way to bring awareness of our co-responsibility in changing this world.  You can join Green Peace or Extinction Rebellion, or simply commit to recycle more, buy second hand instead of everything new, eat less meat and buy fair trade products. You and I together can make the difference. 

Hope you enjoy as much as I did enjoy reading this book. 

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