Kikyz1313: between the belle and the grotesque

Laura Ferrer, better known as Kikyz1313 in the Art sphere, is a Mexican artist whose drawings and paintings provoque attraction, attention and the spectator rejection. At the age of 33, her work has been exhibited in  Hong Kong, England, America, Australia, Denmark, Ireland and Mexico. 

What is in her works that make it so attractive to the human eye? Characteristically, her paintings are so carefully done that sometimes her work may be confused with photography. Kikyz1313 seems to aim for perfection in every single piece and can spend many hours looking into the details to make her paintings as realistic as possible. As she previously mentioned in an Asokahe interview – She gives it all in every single work. 

Kikyz1313 has been drawn since the age of four, defines herself as a crazy cat lady and a lonely soul. Painting has taken her life completely, spending many hours alone in her study keeps her away from family and friends. She revealed that as an artist,  along the years, she has become a stranger to family and friends. Nevertheless, when painting she finds the way to express and sublimate her own thoughts, emotions, ideas and feelings, painting offers her the opportunity to communicate what words can’t.

If I had one word to describe her work, that would be: grotesque. Nevertheless it is  a beautiful grotesque, a work that has power within: straight, courage, expression, talent, pain, anxiety, death, life, desperation and a lot of suffering. Kikyz1313 work contains the anguish of life itself.  

One of the frequent themes/motives in  her work are the skin and the children. For her the infants are vulnerable, fragil, innocent, full of hopes and dreams. In her paintings children are growing  surrounded by a dark and dangerous atmosphere, interacting and transforming them. Kikyz1313 portrays them in a sort of metamorphosis time capsule: infancy can also feel despair and uncertainty in the growing up process. Some children can start rotting (metaphorically), get used to experiencing a lot of pain  but not being aware of it. 

Where does Kikyz1313 inspiration come from? During the one hour interview with AsokaHe, she mentioned that out of the many artists that have made an impression on her and have influenced her work, she  mentioned: the painter Francis Bacon, William Waterhouse, Otto Dix, H.R.Giger, the photographer Hans Bellmer and the mexican artist Roman Miranda. In literature she referred two books;  The devils of Loudun by Aldous Huxley and Families and How to survive them by John Cleese and Robin Skynner. And Lastly disclosed, Tetsuo: The Iron Man movie. 

In her work Kikyz1313 tries to show the beauty of the darkness: all unpleasant human emotions are treated with respect and veneration by this Mexican artist. At the end, humans are compelled to live a dual life, experience beauty and repulsiveness, feel happy and sad, be good and bad, all in the same life.

This du​​ality of life is due to our human nature. In this way Kikyz1313 beautifies the ugliness and forces the spectator to look closely and find beauty in the grotesque and the grotesque within the beauty, facing through her Art own despair, fears and anxieties, at the same time she wants others to do the same and find a common point in the emotions, no matter what our  background and cultural differences may be.

Soon I will release a new podcast episode talking to Kikyz1313. It will be available  here, in asokaHe and other podcast platforms like Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and Spotify. This episode was recorded in Spanish for practical reasons. Nevertheless you can find more information about her in her website: (Available in English and Spanish version)

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