The Dance of Reality by Alejandro Jodorowsky

Alejandro Jodorosky is perhaps one of the most fascinating persons alive. He is a writer; an artist; an actor and a movie director full of creativity. While living in Paris, he started reading tarot cards for people in a coffee shop free of charge, aiming to guide them and help them with their life problems.  Jodorowsky invented  Psychomagic, a creative method based on performing metaphorical acts  intending to execute a person’s past unresolved need or desire in a very specific controlled and secure setting.

The dance of reality is an autobiographical book where Jodorowsky speaks about his life. Born in Tocopilla, Chile; where he spent part of his childhood until his family moved to Santiago, the capital. Jodorowsky grew up  sad and depressed, rejected by his mom and humiliated by his dad.  At early age he became obese and couldn’t make any friends. Loneliness was all he had until he left his family house.

Obeying his artistic instinct, he connected to more artists in Chile and became an actor. Later on he decided to burn one’s bridges and go to France and face the life of many latinoamerican migrants, from being recognized in his home country, in Paris Jodorowsky started working in painting houses while at the same time wrote plays for the french mime Marcel Marceau.

Jodorowsky’s autobiography is like reading Magic realism, in his narration all his experiences are knitted in a strange symphony that although chaotic, it remained harmonic. Maybe, for being the book author, he decided to sublimate his difficult childhood and teenage life into a positive one. His journey was full of koans, and a lot of magical people surrounded him, dancing around him, coming, going and disappearing from his life path. Later on he lived in Mexico where he became recognized and at the same time hated. 

As an artist, he used his creativity to escape from one reality to dive in other dimensions. With the death of one of his sons, the pain took over and painted his existence with tears. Suddenly, the desires and the ambition to become The Best, Famous, Powerful, a Real Intelectual disappeared. When it hurts, it hurts.  After many years solving koans, directing movies and theater plays; and acting them. After all the pain, the tears, the sweat, the laughs and the illusions he saw a dancing reality: his life. Jodorowsky understood we could never control anything, but himself. His attachments were also an illusion.

Sometimes the stories are written in a way that for the scientific minds believing him can be hard. A lot of moments in his life may as well be too surreal to be true, it is up to the  reader’s faith to believe him or not. Nevertheless, something is true, after reading the book you will realize that existence is a state of consciousness and ambitions per se can be useless. Jodorowsky invites the reader to stop wearing masks in this shallow world and work to break our own chains. 

Enjoy the book & please let me know your opinion afterwards. 


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