Book Review

Lola Vendetta: Más vale Lola que mal acompañada by Raquel Riba Rossy

Score: Three out of Five.

Lola Vendetta: Más Vale Sola Que Mal Acompañada is an illustrated book that shows the life of Lola, the protagonist of this story. This graphic novel is divided into the four seasons of the year –starting with autumn we start discovering Lola’s life.

Ms.Vendetta is a young woman  that has a boyfriend which ends up disappointing her, while silently suffering thinking she may be pregnant… Finally Lola breaks up with him, faces a critical time in her life, within her emotional recovery process she becomes (discovers?) a feminist. In the meantime this fictional character learns to like and accept herself, coming closer and closer to loving herself.  

The narration runs in chronological order. Autumn follows winter and then, in spring, everything starts improving and flows to the right direction. Lola feels stronger, better and prettier –ready to date again–, she is wiser and more selective to pick a man. Within story Ms. Vendetta explores her body, her sexuality and her own prejudices and preconceived ideas of her femininity.

This graphic novel seems to be a catharsis of the author’s (Raquel Riva Rossy) anger and resentment against  the malechauvinims that Raquel Riba Rossy finds in Spanish society. As an artist as an illustrator, Raquel used red,pink, gray and black in all her drawings, the images are strong and sometimes crude and grotesque. Same happens with the dialogues, the author talks through Lola and sublimates her resentment towards all abusive men she’s found. Raquel Riba makes art with the brutality and cruelty of Lola’s thoughts, speech and actions. 

Lola Vendetta is violent and at the same time sweet and vulnerable. This duality shows the character’s beauty, hidden in every woman tired of living in repressive societies, taught to live always seeking the “principe azul” (the perfect prince) to be happy. Become someone else but themselves to be loved, not for what they are but for what they should be. Lola, the extension of Raquel, is a rebel figure who will take a sword to destroy whoever dares to threaten her integrity. 

Raquel Riba Rossy aims to question all her readers –especially women–, about their attitudes and beliefs towards the woman identity. I super recommended  Lola Vendetta for anyone who enjoys comics and wants to learn a bit about feminism in the authors perspective and her idea of feminism. 

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