Book Review

HDP by Sabina Berman

Four out of five is the rating I give to this book. Sabina Berman, author of the HDP novel, wrote it in a format similar to the theater, short chapters full of details that introduce the complexity of each of the characters. One of the main characters,  Hugo del Prado (HDP) is a millionaire and ambitious man, owner of the most important TV company in his country, Grupo Alfa.  

HDP Always thirsty for MORE POWER and in times of COVID-19, he decides to keep running his company regardless of government prohibitions. The statement is clear, he feels all almighty because he knows that he can buy justice, his involvement in the government is total, the state needs his private investments and tolerate his disobedience. Hugo has become untouchable in the land of corruption. 

Cualquier parecido con la realidad es mera coincidencia (Any appearance with reality is just a coincidence)… Sabina Berman is mexican, I am mexican, and we know Mexico is a latinamerican country full of contrasts and social inequality. Between the rich and the poor the gap has gone wider. In her novel she portrays the injustices, the lack of ethics and the limitless hunger for money within the private companies despite all misery and suffering they cause.

The story reveals how Hugo del Prado forces their employees to work even in times in the middle of the pandemic. Valeria, an intelligent woman  and the protagonist of the novel, works for HDP and has a high hierarchy in Grupo Alfa, she is a close ally to his almighty boss. Nevertheless she gets involved with the resistance and tries to overthrow him, she joins a  subversive group called Las Fieras, while falling in love with one of her leaders. 

This novel is provocative and ends up leaving the reader thinking about the capitalistic values that the society revolves in. As Leon Tolstoi’s story goes, How Much Land Does a Man Need? The question remains –How much is enough? What are we willing to do and to sacrifice to be rich and have a comfortable life? Does having money equals happiness? Who are we going to exploit to get where we want to? Sabina Berman raises many important questions about our way of life and our current values. 

She also calls for attention to climate change and our human extintion if we keep consuming at the same pace that we’ve been doing since the Capitalistic economic system  took over the world. HDP It’s an entertaining, funny and grotesque book. Worth reading to find out that surrealism is not just an artistic movement, but a XXI century reality. 

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