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If you have a curious mind, then this is our common place. In this site I – Alicia Palacios – talk and write about literature, art, music and science and all sort of things that interest me.

You can listen to my podcast, in each episode I talk to different guests about all type of interesting topics. The podcast is made in Spanish & English, according to the guest preference.

I write literature reviews, reflections about life. If you are looking for a reading community, join AsokaHe Book Club for free – just send me a personal message.

6. Ser afrodescendiente en México, una conversation con la artista Marbella Figueroa.

5. Kikyz1313: between the belle and the grotesque.

4. ¿Cómo nos educamos los Millenials? con Sol Ángel Hernández?

3. La felicidad y la satisfacción con el filósofo Ernesto Gallardo León?

2. ¿Por qué leer? Con Cecilia Bona y la satisfacción con el filósofo Ernesto Gallardo León?

1. ¿Se puede ser una persona ecológica? Con Alma D. Palacios Reyes

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