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If you have a curious mind, then this is our common place. In this site I โ€“ Alicia Palacios, a Mexican journalist from UNAM university โ€“ talk and write about literature, art, music and science and all sort of things that interest me.

You can listen to my podcast, in each episode I talk to different guests about all type of interesting topics. You can find content in Spanish and English, just to to the menu and click in the Spanish content option. There you will find articles written in Spanish, three different podcasts: 1) Cultura AsokaHe; 2) AsokaHe Adiolibros & 3) AsokaHe Cuentos Infantiles.

Enjoy and share the content! ๐Ÿ™‚

What is reading? with Andrew Johnson AsokaHe

To read or not to read.ย 

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